RCM Car rental Software

RCM - Rent a Car Manager

Power up Your Business

  • Rental Agreements
  • Reservations, Offers
  • Vehicle transfers
  • Automated invoicing and cash flow report
  • Sub agents commission
  • 80+ reports
  • API connection with bookers

The only Software you'll ever need for Car rental business


RCM features
RCM works for you

Rent@Car Manager is one of the world first applications for managing a car hire company.

The software is designed in collaboration with people from the branch and covers all the situations that may occur in the car hire company, from rental agreement, invoicing, reservations and damages to the various statistical and financial reports.

RCM plug ins

Basic Moduls
always included
18 Plug-Ins

With Always-included Basic Modules, select the Plug-Ins you need for your business.
Each Plug-in can be turned on and off at any time.
Program fee depends on fleet size and included Plug-ins.

If you want to overview program functions ask for DEMO access.
We will send to you an email with demo credentials. All data are already filled in, ready for testing.

How to start use RCM
  • Request Access to Demo Link Fill out the form and you will receive a return email with access data. Try the program.
  • Fill Activation Form Link Request program activation, select plug-ins, and fill out business information
  • ActivationPlease wait 1-2 days for us to authorise and activate your license. You will receive access information by given email
  • Log in to your instance of the programFill in the basic information by following the instructions and start use program

For Car Dealers/Leasing
Licence Fee Calculator

Basic Moduls (always included)

18 Plug-Ins (optional)

Prepaid invoices
Long term agreements
Credit card readers
Electronic Signature
Financial pack
Export data
Cash Flow
Offers / Estimates
Costs and incoming invoices
Full Service Log
Tire Records
Clients reports
Photo Damage & App
ID cards and Passport scanner
Invoice export to bookkeeping software

Dashboard - Control Panel

Dashboard contains:

  • Basic and current office information
  • Daily activities of users
  • Alarms for registration, service, leasing...
  • Current activities of all users
  • Availability of vehicles and reservations
  • Internal Messenger
  • Tasks
  • Online user List

Rental agreements




Vehicle Transfers

Vehicle Transfers covers all vehicle movements when the vehicle is not rented.

Invoicing and Finance


With RCM- Rent a Car Manager you'll get a complete system for invoicing from multiple locations/rental stations and various financial reports.
All invoices can be viewed and printed from anywhere at any time.

The basic features of this module are:
  • Advanced search engine
  • Different invoice statuses: PAID, PARTIALLY PAID and UNPAID.
  • Overview of invoice's payment history
  • FISCALIZATION (where available)
  • Cash flow owerview and daily reports
  • Multi-currency invoices
  • Manual create invoices without connection to rental agreement
  • Automatic invoice issuing at agreement closing (unless otherwise specified)
  • Payment overviews by payment method
  • Automatic invoicing for multiple rental agreements (long term lease or prepaid reservations)
  • E-invoice integration
  • PDF invoice
  • Incoming invoices
4 different invoices types can be created:
  • Invoice (R1)
  • Prepay invoice
  • Reverse Invoice
  • Credit note

Vehicle Management


Basic program features



Below are just some of the reports generated by RCM.


Documents related to client (Reservations, Rental Agreements, Offers, Invoices) can be exported to PDF.
Think before you print and protect nature.

RCM prints the contents of the document and a header with information about the company or office that issued the document.
No additional needle or special printers are required to print documents.
Each office can print any document from the program at any time.
RCM generates the following documents, which are printed on ordinary printers on plain A4 paper:

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ERP - Digitalization Benefits
In the modern world, running a business without ERP is unexcapteble. The goal is to have all the information and processes associated with a business in one application.
Thinking about optimizing business processes without implementing an IT solution is pointless.
  • Data is always available, in the office or outside
  • Access from a laptop, cell phone or PC.
  • Upgrades are done online without installation disks or coming to the site
  • There is no risk of data loss due to infection of the computer with viruses
  • Reducing the number of employees
  • Increasing the speed of business process execution
  • Better process control
  • Unlimited reports
  • Business Decision Assessment Tool
  • Alarm configurability
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